date: 09.06.2017

From the station B: It's an interesting but demanding downhill for experienced MTB riders and not for beginners (macadam road is an option).

From the station B you have to pedal about 300 meters (easy ascent – uphill). Soon you will come to the entrance of the MTB TRAIL. You can also turn left and continue the path towards the valley along the macadam road.

The route is divided into 3 sections, 1st and 2nd are medium difficulty. Entry into the Part 1 is more demanding and after a few meters it becomes easier and more entertaining.

At the end of the part 1 (while joining the road on the curve, pedaling uphill) you will come to the entrance of the 2nd part of the descent, which is similar difficulty level as the 1st one. The third part is waiting for you a few hundred meters lower. We recommend it only for experienced MTB cyclists. You will end your trip next to the former military caravan and from there your path continues on a macadam road and then asphalt in the direction of Bovec.


  • Mandatory helmet (recommended full face)
  • Knee, elbow, back protectors
  • Backpack with basic cycling equipment + first aid
  • And of course, let's not forget the bike :)

MTB from D / SEDLO: the descent is difficult, only for highly experienced mountain bikers. The biking trail is not officially open and marked. 

All activities take place at one's own risk.

Tekst: Timotej Mihelič


Map and signs on the trail: Metka Belingar in colaboration with Dolina Soče.