date: 14.07.2017

Every step you make is accompanied by a wonderful view on the Bove valley, as well as with great views on Triglav and Adriatic sea. The route and paths are well protected.

The following protective equipment is mandatory when using the route:
• helmet
• alpine belt with equipment
• we recommend: comfortable hiking shoes and clothes, water.

The route  requires prior experience, despite the difficulty grade A




  • 46 EUR/ person
  • Children up to 14 years 40 eur/ person (min 10 years old)

PRICE INCLUDES: a return ticket for cable car, chair lift up to Sedlo, necessary equipment, organization (guide). 

DURATION: 2h (from arrival from D station until return).

GUIDED TOURS: at 10:00 and at 13:00.

IMPORTANT: departure from A station with cable car at least one hour prior guided tour

MIN NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 2 persons (limited number)

RESERVATION: groups on e-mail (during the weekend on tel. +386 (0)5 917 9301. Otherwise at the ticket office of station A.



You can visit the Adrenaline Park yourself. Protective equipment is mandatory / recommended - helmet, belt (own or rental).

RENT: in the restaurant Prestreljenik (marked at the exit of the gondola on station D).

PRICE: 10 eur / full equipment + chairlift. . Prior to renting you  have to pay caution money (60eur) in case of demage or leave ID card.


Project constructor: Franci Hosnar in colaboration with Damjan Sovdat (Javni zavod Sončni Kanin). Maps: Metka Belingar

Photo: Jernej Kravanja