date: 06.07.2017

From the mentioned starting point you can go on a wide variety of tours:

• Prestreljenik window

• Konjiško sedlo

• Via Sedlo and Prevala to the Italian side

• A tour to the mountain hut, named after the Slovenian guerilla fighter Ferdo Kravanja aka Peter Skalar, is a good half hour walk away from Prestreljenik restaurant. The hut is located at the height of 2260 meters, offering a beautiful view on the Julian Alps and to the Gulf of Trieste. THE HUT IS CLOSED.

• Those who are more experienced can also visit Visoki Kanin, but the ascent is rather demanding and runs along a protected path.

Some hiking tours are challenging. More at: www.pzs.si (Alpine Association of Slovenia) and at www.hribi.net. Adapt your tour according to your physical and physical abilities and do not forget the appropriate equipment. Check weather forecast before the tour and learn about difficulty of your tour. All activities take place at one's own risk.

In case of accident call 112 immediately. 

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