SKI BUS from the 25.12. until 15.3.2020

date: 27.11.2018

Ski Bus shuttle service BOVEC runs to and from the lower cable car station »A Station« and is organized for hotels guests and apartments guests in Bovec area. 


  • 7:45, 8:45, 10:45 departs Hotel Mangart
  • 13:30, 15:30, 16:30 departs the »A Station«
  • The last bus departs the »A Station« at 16:45
  • After the first run in the morning the bus will head to Hotel Boka from where it will depart at 8:20 back to Bovec and the last run to hotel Boka at 16:45 (on request / booking in advance and minimum 4 passengers).

Loop: Hotel Mangart – Hotel Sanje ob Soči – Market (Martinov Hram) Bus Stop– Kaninska Vas Reception – Soča Rafting (if needed) – Pharmacy Bus Stop– Brdo (Čufer) – Dvor Bus Stop– »A Station« and back

Booking: is necessary when you're expecting a bigger number of guests (groups, big families, etc.) 


  • HTL MANGART 7:45, 8:45, 10:45
  • HTL SANJE OB SOČI 7:48, 8:48, 10:48
  • MARKET PLACE (Restaurant Martinov Hram) 7:51, 8:51, 10:51
  • KANINSKA VAS RECEPTION 7:53, 8:53, 10:53
  • SOČA RAFTING (if needed) 7:55, 8:55, 10:55
  • LEKARNA (if needed) 7:57, 8:57, 10:57
  • BRDO (Čufer) 7:58, 8:58, 10:58
  • BUS STATION DVOR 8:00, 9:00, 11:00



Ski Bus shuttle service SELLA NEVEA: In the event of bad weather Kanin will not operate. On that day bus transfer will be organized to Sella Nevea in cooperation with Kanin and Dolina Soče. Minimum number of skiers is 4. Identity card is necessary.

Schedule - The bus from Bovec to Sella Nevea departs at:

  • 8:55 from Market (Martinov Hram) Bus Stop
  • 9:05 from Kaninska Vas Reception
  • 9:07 from Dvor Bus Stop
  • »A Station« (longer stop for skipass purchase)

Return bus from Sella Nevea to Bovec is at 16:00 from the parking space next to the children ski playground.

In the event of Sella Nevea not operating due to closed roads to the ski resort, the bus will take you to Tarvisio ski resort. You can purchase skipasses at Tarvisio ticket office. 

  • ski bus in Bovec (local transfers) is free of charge for all guests in Bovec. Timetable you can find on web page and (Dolina Soče),
  • some hotels and apartments signed a colaboration with ski center Kanin (our PARTNERS). That means that SKI BUS to Sella Nevea is only for their guests in case Kanin doesn't operate due to bad weather. Please follow the informations on our web page.
  • in case of bad road conditions through the pass of Predil or towards Sella Nevea, bus transfer will be cancelled due to safety reasons.